Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Data Backup 4a: Black Market Auction money's no object

With the list of the other Proactionary members on the table for a black market auction the team throws around something better than money... violence

0300 Local Martian Time
The team gets wind from Jake Carter that a list of the remaining four members that got out with alien tech before Go-Nin swooped in is being sold on the Space Elevator she will departing the planet at 1500. The team has 12 hours to get the list before OVersight a faction of the local Martian Government buys it.

Merc Suggests Firewall just buys the data to which Jake agrees after some thought, his primary thought was execution of all other parties and the retrieval of the data chip.

With fake Ego ID’s supplied by Firewall the team opts to use Zora Möller‘s contact at the Space Elevator, Hot Karl. He offers up his body so that he’d be out of debt. Taking a case body after the mission is done for his access to all things maintenance in the Space Elevator. With a bit of background into the person putting up the item for sale the team figures out she’s wracked up some debt.

With a credit stick with a fake 100K Credits on it the team had a few options ready to go.

1) Make the deal (1/2) as the Government buyer using the fake ID
2) Steal the data chip (1/2) before the deal goes down if #1 isn’t feasible
3) Take the data chip (and the money by force)
4) Call in Gwin to cause rampant chaos and collateral damage while the team gets what they need and moves out.

With Content Not Found: hitomi-takahashi in Hot Karl’s Body providing overwatch the team sets up for the ambush. Half walks around collecting a 3d map as he moves around the mall area. Zora stashes bombs in case they’re needed or to just blow up fancy high priced shops that forward a ideology she can’t accept, plus there should be no such thing as a size 0000. Magus with a gym bag (full of BFG Plasma Rifle pain) sets up a meeting location at the restaurant bumping the previous meeting setup time.

Takahashi finds two suspicious looking individuals and 1/2 listens in on their conversation from afar to do augmented hearing. With phrases indicating they were going to kidnap the seller before the meet to get the item Half flags them to be taken out of play quietly. Takahashi puts a bulletin out for their detainment by security. Being carted off the uplift Chimp made a scene of the altercation explaining it as being harassed since he was a chimp uplifted. Zora asked Takahashi to see if they had dropped anything anywhere which ended up revealing a box holding a case with two rail guns in it. Taking the guns and booby trapping the case with explosives she took the guns stashing one of them at the restaurant.

With the buyer showing up early Half moved to intercept the seller and Magnus and Zora to intercept the buyer. Takahashi noticed several pods stopped their routine maintenance work and were converging on the buyer through the crowd, with quick thinking she traced where the spoofed commands were coming from. Setting up a DoS attack to block and slow down the possible hacker she quickly moved the pods back to doing their regular work. Zora explained to the buyer the seller had cold feet but needed convincing and the meeting was getting pushed back 3 hours. He seemed suspicious but agreed and was about to leave when another version of the seller showed up. Half spotted the disguise and explained the second was a hitter probably going to attack the buyer take his money and identity to get close to the seller. Half asked the team to keep them distracted while he excused himself for the bathroom to change into the buyer before hand. Meanwhile the fake seller took the buyer into a store and killed him. Gwin was called in as Zora tried to move into position for a crossfire, not being able to get into position in time Zora made the call for Gwin to take the target out. Grabbing the killer and now fake buyer several shots were silences but a spray of blood decorated the outside of the store into an alley.

Tahakashi had pod workers clean up the mess as Gwin took off the head of the killer and the cordical stack plus any items. Zora grabbed the possessions and the stack from the actual buyer. With no other buyers Half walked up to the seller cold and opted to move up the meeting and trade to now. Although she was a bit nervous they went to the restaurant. When the seller was told her meeting time had been bumped she got nervous, Half as the buyer took the host to the side and reminded them Magus had reserved the room for a reason unless the host was now his new personal assistant and tell him where and when to conduct business he’d apologize and let Mr Magus and his current personal assistant aware of the new terms and conditions. Balked by the cold obvious threat she let them in. They were followed in by Gwin.

This in and of itself unsettled the seller. Half explained he was there for security reasons, also considering his appearance no one would think he was involved with them at all. As Gwin lit up a large cigar and tossed his bag on the table the deal was made. The seller took the fake 100K cred stick and went out to the resturaunt proper to get something to eat. Half grabbed Gwin by the arm and said they needed to leave now mostly before she used the stick to pay for anything. Gwin was surprised that Half was as strong as he was lifting him out of his chair with one arm before his feet got under him.

With the team bugging out and Takahashi bag in her original body the team made it to the temple that was the drop off point. Due to the data chip being older tech no one knew how to access the data before it could be decrypted so no copies were made. Showing up at the temple they were invited in, Half put a small gnat bot outside the front to see if anyone was coming in.


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