Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Data Backup 3b: -5 Star review on Galatic Yelp

The team pick themselves up after going to a resturant, being caught in an explosion and being shot at. Needless to say the service was horrible.

Short Version before recording
Investigated the area, took attacker’s Cortical stack from the ambush
Found out setup was from Julia Juggs, question is why
Gwin is happy to sell out anyone and anything if he gets a new body and gets to fight
Takahashi signs an indenture contract
Team figures out David was abducted not hiding out
Location Mike’s Custom Morph is Triad owned
There was an attack by Smoke Lions (rival crime gang)
Place went dark a day ago, before our inbrief
Team goes to scout and extract David
Exploration get the team a smash and grab assault gone wrong, only things still moving are automatons on auto routines
Team notices a Cleaner
Ambush Cleaner
Heavy firefight of sorts
Takahashi learns the truth about the Blind Imaam and that they’re infected with something
Grab the cure research: Drug called Hyperdrive
Half takes the cleaner’s body, Zora’s down as well and they’re dumped in a trunk.
Magnus and Takahashi split while Half grabs the laptop with the intel from the hot zone
Half gets decon’d before the debrief.

With the initial research estimating a cure would take a while to prototype and test the team as the other thing to deal with the local Triad selling a drug that makes people explode from David’s research. No evac for a person of interest, this will be a search and destroy mission. David’s intel also had copies of the key infrastructure for drug distribution.

Half looks into an XP show on the idea.

Rewards: 10K Credits
Rep: I-Rep: +7
XP: Rez: +8


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