Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Data Backup 4B: Temple Time Out

The team walk into the temple and have various visions, 1/2 lets the team know his gnat went off line and Magnus yells out ambush coming. Grabbing the chip Magnus takes off for the door, Half tries to grab the old man monk only to watch him be consumed by a swarm and melted into nothing, moving for the door as well Half watches as Hitomi and Zora drop also caught in the swarm. Magnus and Half hear a battle going on outside. With Magnus trying to blow the door open Half finds himself shooting into the swarm as he gets closer to them. When Magnus yells out RPG Half uses his telescopic arm to grab him away before the explosion rocks the temple. Xaviar walking and and stating the money was too good to pass up had Magnus diving away and Half piling on top of him before everything goes bright and then dark.

The team wake up in Splicer bodies and have an interesting meeting with a grandfather of spooks within Firewall. Fortunately they know what happened to them which means their cortical stacks were recovered.

*Needs edits and the rest of the story added.

Update: Last two sessions 9 Rez Points awarded.


leepowbj leepowbj

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