Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Data Backup 5a: What happens on Venus...

The team with their new financier’s assistance get new bodies for their first mission after being ‘crossed out’ and deleted from the world it seems, finding the first of the names on the list.

Zora, Gwin, and Half end up escaping a bar brawl Gwin starts and eventually find their target, unfortunately it seems the target was using a honey pot tactic to grab intel on what was happening in the area. With Zora under duress and their perception off of the tac network the team breached the room, Gwin and Magnus taking the room door and 1/2 going outside to fly up to the window. Gwin ends up running into an ambush and getting killed while Magnus stays hidden cloaked from vision. Zora having jumped from the 8th story window alerted the hotel security after freerunning down to safety. Half not being able to take off and not having to save Zora watched the target in multiples taking off, going after the one in the lead with a briefcase Half shot him down, another one was felled while Half busied himself with trying to get the primary’s head. Zora made off with his briefcase back up to the room while Magnus took off after the third version. With Half taking off with a body after shooting it in the head Zora had ransacked the room she was held hostage in and popped Gwin’s stack before going to his room since he wouldn’t be needing it. Once cleaned off and the contents of the procured loot taken Zora realizes Half in his smaller body was downed after being shot down by auto fire from six guards, throwing a grenade from the window and going back down to a lobby put her out of immediate questioning, since she saw the guards she had reported the people shooting about earlier telling them what floor people went to with grenades seemed feasible since she had been giving out good tips. Half played soccer with the head in the crowd to get away hobbling as he started self repairing, with one of the three detained by the guards, one in tow from Half and the third on the move Magnus following stated he needed more eyes on his target since they were in a car moving through traffic. Half threw up an aerial drone tiredly asking where to send it and what vehicle to track for him. With Zora getting away with weapons, cred sticks, and the briefcase she meets up with Half back at the hotel with Zora changing bodies.

Magnus had Hitomi try and overhear what was going on for which room the third was going to at their hotel which didn’t seem to work. Magnus still invisible followed the third version of the target into the elevator since Hitomi had stalled them. Getting into the room and watching them gave everyone time to converge. Magnus had the target out and detained before they could do anything. Hitomi pulled them from their body and the interrogation started.

They got little information out of the first female version. Sending them into a digital version of cubical hell where they saw thousands of versions of themselves in a cubicle with water dripping on them and not being able to move didn’t seem like much of a torture. Hitomi had modified it so 10 minutes seemed like 30 years. The results seemed to give her a mind ready to talk, unfortunately she had been driven insane from the process. Half held up the cortical stack he had pulled from the body of the male version he had severed from the body. He asked Hitomi to make a backup, instead of interrogation the group explained and showed clips of the other version of himself. Going in he didn’t seem scared but replacing the spreadsheets on the cubicle with a speed up version of the video seemed to help loosen his tongue. Plus the 10 minutes was shortened to a few hours.

It seemed the doctor had several more versions of himself out in the area plus digital versions of himself online with the code the party was after but it was encrypted. Also there was the sale of prototype that may or may not work since it was highly unstable or possibly a very detailed elaborate fake he was planning on selling to someone from the Legba group. Considering it was suppose to be someone dead to the party they wondered if they should go through the deal as the doctor was asking for 25 million for the item. Granted for their protection they’d probably use the doctor’s identity for the deal. If it didn’t work it’d be on his head(s) not theirs. The thought of selling the information to Lam Cong Dong where her rival was came to mind as well.

Hacked Cred Sticks = 150K split four ways
No Experience of Rep given at this time.


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