Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Data Backup 2b: No one hears the Explosion in TQZ

With Zora figuring out the best place to plant a bomb to blow up the air ship Takahashi asked why they needed to go to the lengths, they had the Cortical stack and AI known as Idris so the mission was complete. Half was the first to offer up letting the Blind Imaam have a portable large scale aerial base of operations to do things to people was not the best of options, The Merc agreed stating tactically it was like giving him more options to run amok. Plus Half verified with Zora blowing up didn’t mean disabled to the point it might be repaired it was blowing up to the point of wonder what the scrap parts were from.

The Blind Imaam jumped into the party’s feeds when Zora was about halfway done with her work. Half staled for time wondering about the benefits of surrender since they were supposedly surrounded. The Blind Imaam had disabled all the exterior camera though was what Takahashi let the group know via secure tacnetwork chat, Half looked outside via the Sat in a Can Network and didn’t see droves letting the group know, and if the Blind Imaam had them surrounded a show of force was a bargaining chip. Half stalled long enough for Zora to finish and she was out towards the exit first saying they needed to go. The lurch of the ship let the group know it was decoupled from the anchor and the Blind Imaam was trying to either trap them in the ship at great heights or he was trying to leave the city. Half watched Takahashi free fall before parkour down the ground radio and communications antennae array. Seeing Zora and the Merc jump down via towing lines to safety Half jumped out gliding down after wings extended out his back.

With the group on the ground they made their way to the buggy with the Airship heading out. Half enabled flare compensation and turned to watch the explosion for confirmation. The rest of the group see the explosion as well since they see long shadows of themselves suddenly and the group get pushed forward from the shockwave behind them. With the group heading south towards liberty point get out of TQZ and making a waypoint course back to Elysium Proper Takahashi used the external hard drive she had fabbed to copy Idris to for an additional backup, from what she could tell the gaming console version needed games to be played and achievements unlocked before one could ask the more specific bits of information.

With the hand off of the Doctor’s cortical stack, the Hard drive version of Idris and video feeds of the Blind Imaam and the explosion the party were debriefed. The doctor being one of seven cases of this magnitude, one of the others had devolved into selling off high teach plans that resulted in several million credits of damage and an entire research facility needing to be resleeved. Of the five remaining Firewall had one lead on one of the members currently. The team was debriefed before being sent off on their next mission.

The only lasting question in Half’s mind was where was the Airship headed.


Rewards: 25K Credits
Rep: I-Rep: +8
XP: Rez: +6


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