Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Data Backup 5b: Up in the Air when Insanity Hits

The team back up when Magnus gets a tip from an associate that there’s a kill order out on the team from GoNin and they’ve sent Security Resolution Experts to resolve the issue GoNin has with the team and possibly recover Dr Kali. Before leaving Magnus and Zora set up a camera and a shaped charge trap for anyone coming into their room unannounced that they could remotely detonate.

The team opt to move to another aerostrat since kill teams coming for you when you’re possibly already flagged probably isn’t the best of positions to be in, a commercial air plan on loan had the group with a two hour flight to their destination plus time to think on what they wanted to do, also for Hitomi to figure out what’s in the box Dr Kali was going to sell. It turns out the box was designed to replicate onto any network it could connect to continueously while infecting all egos it comes across and killing, modifying them, controlling them. The extent it would go to she wasn’t sure.

While the team was trying to figure out how to not sell the planet killing device but still grab the money from the buyer since it was 25mil Magnus’s muse Gavin picked up a stealth airship moving towards them excessively fast. The team opted to deal with the pressing matter of the aircraft since it had mounted weapons aboard and they didn’t Half moved to the rear and ready to open the bay doors to open fire when he got the go, Zora and Magnus moved to the cockpit to get the commercial plane into evasive maneuvers. Hitomi strapped in the may lounge around and jumped into the enemy aircraft’s systems hacking it from the inside. While Zora and Magnus kept him busy trying to lock on Hitomi eventually got administrative override on the vehicle. With a notification the enemy was trying to lock on Zora inverted the plane, which was quite odd considering it’s size. Without the ability to pilot the vehicle or shut it down mid flight she opted to take out the dangerous aspects of the craft and ejected the pilot when he was distracted.

With the sudden realization of combat and bullets flying Zora reminded the group of the tourist barge next to them. Half quickly made AR displays leaving them in the air due to his media background and made large ads for a new attraction coming to the aerostrat: Dangers from Above. He hoped since they weren’t actually getting shot at saying it was a realistic show of a high octane action scene would make them think all the bulllets and explosions were part of a PR stunt to generate a buzz for the attraction.

With notification he was moving through the air towards them Half opened the back pay and started using his seeker pistol to try and drop him out of the air. Magnus jumped out of his copilot chair and found a tow line and anchored himself to the vehicle while Half peppered the oncoming jettisoned enemy. Having notched him with two missles already Half gave the targets position as Magnus showed up to the edge of the bay door and unloaded as well while Half went for another shot with his seeker pistol letting off another micromissle. Magnus got off another shot before the enemy landed in the back. Zora told everyone to hold on while Hitomi started hacking his brain. With a sudden lerch the enemy flew out the back when the plane suddenly went vertical from the back end flying forward from the momentum flung him out giving Half a chance to shot another missle into him. While he reloaded Magnus put another road in an exposed area where Half’s missles had cratered his armor to internal servos. With the body on fire and limp in an odd falling pattern Half zoomed in with his enhanced mission and noticed he was out of commission. Asking the group if they wanted his body and the aircraft since the answer was yes Half grabbed a tow line clipped off and dove out the back and dive bomb tackled the unconscious body. While he was being pulled back into the plane he severed the head from the body to get the cortical stack separated in case he came back to. With the body secured he jumped out the back again to latch onto the aircraft.

Zora’s sudden jerk off course due to clouds had the tow line snapping and Half flying off the craft from the impact to the line. Flying back he scrambled in the tail spin since now the craft was off autopilot due to the abnormal vector from the tow line snapping. Eventually he got into the pilot seat and piloted the smaller armed stealth aircraft into the back of the larger plane. A little worse for wear Half explained even for him that was dicey. Magnus and Half removed weapon systems and ammo and powered down the smaller craft.

Toture moved through some odd steps since the man was crass and played off being captured as not a big loss. There were more copies of him out there (two from what he said), but the team knew three separate employees were dispatched. Magnus and Hitomi were able to pull his handler’s name out of him during the interrogation who was actually someone a lot higher on the organizational food chain since it was the Director of Security versus was stated by him, a mid level account manager. They also did find out he as well as the dark slush fund for the operations like this was on Luna.

Eventually the plane was hailed by the aerostrat for landing and the team did some fast thinking. Explaining they saw what was being discussed or asked about (a supposed abnormal energy dispersal) was supposedly part of some new attraction coming to the aerostrat in the form of some live performance PR stunt. This was enough to appease the control tower before the team was able to land.

With a new hotel booked her Magnus with Zora went to pick up a body that was delivered to the room and plant another camera and charged explosive. When they got back there was a notification of someone in our room at the other aerostrat. It looked like a guy similar to the one they had just killed in a cloaked suit. Zora hit the execute order on the remote and the person’s head as they move in spun towards the bed. They could see the look of anger, surprised, and frustration on his face as he mouthed probably curse words as everything went white and the camera went offline.

With the spotting of blind spot in the area the deal could sneak people in and out of without going through security, an avian body to look like the rest of the people at the tourist attraction, and a stealth air craft the party loaded up for combat. With the stealth craft shooting out the back of their larger aircraft in the hanger and out into the world several sensors tripped. Eventually Zora sighed in frustration since they had been tagged and they were going to be detained. While Magnus tried to negotiate for a peaceful solution Hitomi is Half’s body, since Half was in the Avian Body, cut in on the negotiations and gave them an ultimatum. The party had a Titan Insurgent Virus aboard that could infect possibly the entire Aerostrat if not the planet killing all Ego’s. Hitomi threated she was about to release it if the security teams didn’t stand down. The fact most of the party panicked made it unclear if that added to the effect but it seemed the command center went into full panic mode with thoughts of planetary destruction. Hitomi told Zora to move out of the way of the net. Half now in a biomorph asked everyone what to do since the bombshell dropped and threat of satellite killing them from orbit had made him soil himself, something he didn’t have to worry about in a synthmorph. Hitomi wanted to know how it felt while the rest got over the idea of her bluff. Hitomi let the group know it wasn’t a bluff and she was still thinking of releasing it since they didn’t know if the results were technically, ‘Entirely as catastrophic and horrific as they had assumed’.

With the team scanning and finding three flight capable Fury morphs standing guard outside the blind spot in the aerostat security the team opted to wait for the deal to go down and take out those escaping. If no one showed up for the deal it meant they had the only copy of the item. Worse case scenario they’d steal 25million credits from bad people. The problem was tracking people that would freely fly around. Half said he had it covered and then swore and sighed.

1/2 moves over and reaches into his body much to Hitomi’s surprise since she was in it and pulls out sever miniature bots spraying them with canned taggant spray and has them move over onto the trio of mercaneries while their stationary. Hitomi explained he could have just asked and he shrugged explaining it was his body and it would take less time to explain. With Zora piloting the craft to the underbelly of the Aerostrat the team waited and hope things go in their favor plus don’t end up getting blown out of the sky.

Hitomi asked if her threat sounded less or more disturbing since she was in Half’s body which currently looked like a twelve year old Asian girl. The party was quiet collecting their thoughts trying to figure out how to deal with what she had said. Half sighed and muttered about having to changing his appearance again.

-5 Hypercorp Rep (Temp)


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