Tag: Extropian


  • Data Backup 2:

    The team was physically meeting up for a meeting in Elysium City on Mars, we meet [[Xaviar | Xaviar]] in his new simuspace roman villa overlooking the Caspian sea. He had a retro …

  • Proactionary

    A company involved in Xenotechnology found on Exoplanet Giza via the Discord Gate. Known Employees: [[Doctor Zimana Alama Rich | Doctor Zimana Alama Rich]] Back to [[Things of Interest]]

  • Gonin

    An extropian corp owning the [[Discord Gate]] and all rights to technology and IPs related to it's use. Recently seized control of a research facility and employees of [[Proactionary | Proactionary]]. [[Intercepted Communique]] [[On Firewall …