Tag: HLS District


  • Thousand Candle Brothel

    A place [[David Williams | David Williams]] had gone and workplace of [[Sandy Surprise | Sandy Surprise]] & [[Julia Juggs | Julia Juggs]] Back to [[Places of Interest]]

  • Xu Fu Changs

    Location of a restaurant that was closed down and gutted in the HLS District. Where the group meet [[Gwin | Gwin]] Back to [[Places of Interest]]

  • Mike's Custom Morph Shop

    Resting place of [[David Williams | David Williams]]. Controled by [[Shui Fong | Shui Fong]]. Attacked by [[Smoke Lions | Smoke Lions]] for a smash and grab that failed. Back to [[Places of Interest]]

  • Shui Fong

    Local Triad in control of [[HLS District | HLS District]]. Competition: [[Smoke Lions | Smoke Lions]] Known Agents: * [[Julia Juggs | Julia Juggs]]

  • Smoke Lions

    Little known besides they tried to do a smash and grab at [[Mike's Custom Morph Shop | Mike's Custom Morph Shop]] Competion: [[Shui Fong | Shui Fong]] Agents: * [[Julia Juggs | Julia Juggs]] Back to [[Things of Interest]]