Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Backup 5c: A fourway Venusian Standoff

The team gets the item in question they were after, plus a ticket to a large chunk of money

The team have Half go in for the meet posing as a tourist while Zorra sets up the three man kill team with a bomb, they find another team cloaked insides, zora sets up a mayhem contingency plan for when the deal goes down. There are several explosions and a fire fight.

Two of the Go Nin mercs are able to escape, Roland Nazon who seemed to have been working with them is taken out and his stack recovered by the team, as well as the device being sold by the Doctor, this copy of the Doctor detionates with Half almost getting himself killed in the process for the cred stick key to the 25 Mil. With Hitomi and the Merc moving away as orbital kill sats lock on they end up dying being blown out of the sky. Zora ends up taking the same route as the escaped mercenaries and Half in a Venusian Glider rushes out with the crowd in the panic of the attack.

The team have a meeting with their benefactor and the situation with Firewall seems to be resolved for the most part. They send drones down to the surface of Venus to investigate reports of an artifact and strange disappearances. The drone is destroyed and a second reveals the partial remains and claw marks. Whatever it is, its tough, the team does research on what they can do in the harsh environment to armour up to take on a possible natural predator that stalks prey effortlessly in heavy gravity.

i Rep +6
c Rep +5 (Debuff countered)
Rez +20


leepowbj leepowbj

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