Eclipse Phase: Orbital Solutions

Backup 6: The Unfiltered Truth

The team figure out the mystery behind the possible Titan Artifact

The team interview a Zepplin Pilot that jumped ship after the crew started disappearing and the lone passenger started muttering of weird things. They eventually get down to the balmy surface of Venus and quickly sneak into a facility before their ship moves out of range of attackers. Finding out the reality of the world known as Earth is shocking to say the least. 1/2 finds out a bit about his past which he dives into. Gwin finds real grown Earth Cannibus and smokes it. Hitomi finds the best place for the entire history of the Earth in digital format is on the Mesh… so she uploads it. Half after the fact in front of their benefactor explains they took his concerns into account and no morphs were destroyed during the mission… he also gives him actual roses from Earth as an apology since now Firewall has to deal with “The Real History of Earth” on the web and scrub it aka delete all accounts of it. This doesn’t put them in the best of graces with Firewall but Anarchist seem to like it.

-10 i Rep
+10 @ Rep
+6 Rez Points

FYI: First mission we finished in one session.


leepowbj leepowbj

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